Graphing performance metrics

I’ve spent a┬ácouple of days researching options to graph performance metrics. We’re trying to get all our metrics from all our services into a single interface. Here’s the pieces I found which seemed to fit best.

  • dygraphs – Javascript timeseries graphing library, looks excellent
  • InfluxDB + Grafana – Appears to be the best in class for metric storage + display
  • Graphite (+ Carbon) – Looks to be more complex to setup and a little less powerful than InfluxDB
  • StatsD – Pre-process high volume metrics before feeding to influx / carbon

Next step is to play with Influx + Grafana, either their hosted service, or our own, and see what we can push into it. More to follow…

Avoid StartSSL

We switched to using StartSSL some years ago for our SSL certificates. Their pricing model is attractive, pay $60 for personal identity validation and issue as many certificates in whatever configuration you like. Pay another $140 for EV validation. It all went great in the beginning. However, in recent interactions they’ve become increasingly antagonistic.

At first they refused to issue a replacement for an expired certificate, saying that we needed organisation validation (an extra $60) first. We were able to issue the same certificate 2 years ago without this extra $60. Then they became downright obnoxious by email, deciding they were now unhappy to discuss our account with me.

A little research into SSL certificates threw up two much cheaper alternatives from $5 1 domain and namecheap $30 3 domains.